(Rumored Trainees/Members Of YG Entertainment’s New Girl Group)

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Warning: Some things are translated with Google Translate, so take everything you read with a grain of salt. Remember these are all just rumors & speculations except for the fact that Eunbi is a confirmed member. Also there are most likely other possible yg trainees out there whose pictures, info and etc have not been found.

*Confirmed Member*

1)김은비 Kim Eunbi (93)


Predebut Photo


-TOP6 of SuperStarK2’s TOP11                                                               

-Has a single “I’m my fan” for the game MapleStory                                           

-Was apparently involved in a love triangle on the show SuperStarK2 with John park and current yg trainee Kang Seungyoon                                               

-Has or had a crush on fellow SSK2 contestant John Park

-Blood type is O

-Height is 161cm/5’3

-Weight is 50kg/110lbs

-Went to or still attends the Songwon Girls’ High School

*Unconfirmed Members/Trainees*

2)김유나 Kim Yoona



-Entered YG in 2010 ?

-Attended Seungri Academy (aka Joy Dance - Plug in Music Academy)

-She might be a high school student

-Rumors say something about her being a dancer

-She might be the face/visual of the group?

-Known as SNSD’s Yuri & f(x)’s Krystal look alike

-Is a successful applicant of the second YG public auditions

-She maybe a confirmed member that hasn’t been reveled yet

3)권다현 Kwon Dahyeon (95)


-There was a public audition in YG ent. and she passed

-Apparently she raps and has dancing skills                                                

-She attended Def Dance Skool

-She most likely is the maknae

-Among netizens, she’s known as a confirmed member, but not yet been confirmed for sure

4)이한나 Lee Hanna(93)




- Seungri’s little sister  

- She was apparently mentioned at one of the YG press conferences as possibly being in the new YG girl group “Dreams”                                                                       

5)박찬아 Park Chanah





-Birthday is January 1st 1993

-Is an only child

-Hobby is dancing

-Her blood type is O

-She is apparently really charming

*About the entire group*

-They may debut sometime around April 2012

-There will be around 5-7 Members

-Rumors going around say this group may have other nationalities or something like that

 -YG stated that he recruited a contestant from SuperStarK3 who didn’t make it through the preliminaries to be a trainee for one of his upcoming groups, but he did not mention whether the person he recruited was male or female, so the ssk3 trainee could either be for the new boy group or new girl group.

-As you may know YG is currently a judge on the show K-Pop Star Audition so there is a possibility that some contestants could possibly become trainees under YG ent. and may be added into one of the new groups.

-naturalhonee on livejournal says: “As for the girl group, when i visted YG during the summer, i saw about 8 young female trainees walk out the building in one night.
I remember seeing girls who looked similar to kiko (mixed, thick lips), hara, sohee, and that ‘crazy’ dancer SR wants to marry (the girl he teased on TOOK) I wonder how many of them will make the cut?! The girls looked very small, shy and rather ordinary though.”

-The final expected members are: Minji, Dahyeon, Hanna, Yoona, Eunbi, Huiyeon and possibly other trainees?)

Their fancafe: http://cafe.naver.com/dreamin09

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